Hype ASM

Our technology is able to very quietly produce a large dense cloud of droplets the size of 1-5 microns which we call dry fog.

The small size of the drops allows the aerosolized disinfectant to retain the chemical properties of its liquid source, but also to act "like a gas". Due to its "gas-like" nature, the aerosol can treat multiple related areas, complex geometries...


Benefits of the HyPe ASM process:

Completely removes (kills): Spores - Viruses - Vegetative bacteria
"Extremely thin deposition layer" of micron droplets
Safe to use / environment friendly process
Without accumulating a large amount of drops
Aerosol diffusion through the premises
Long aerosol retention time
Large area of coverage


Compressors 2 x 8бар , 210[L/min]
Number of spray nozzles Min. 1
Drop size <3 microns
H2O2 Tank 10 L
Display 3.5” full color touch screen
Noise Power EN12469 ≤75dB / NSF49≤75dB
Coverage Min. 400m /h
Working pressure 4,5 bar
Consumption H2O2 L/h/ depends of the volume
Build Material Stainless steel / Plastic



Width A    1300
Height B 1900
Depth C  700



Voltage [V] 230V 50-60Hz
Power [W] 1200W



Temperature Max. 30°C
Humidity Max. 99%


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