A phytotron (or growth chamber) is a machine used for the study and research of plants. It is designed to regulate the temperature and humidity of the internal chamber and provide various levels of illumination.

  • temperature regulation from -10°C to 70°C
  • humidity regulation from 30% RH to 99% RH at temperatures between 10°C and 70°C utilizing Peltier technology
  • three full spectrum + blue + pink LED lights which provide three levels of illumination
  • weekly configurable schedule with 24 hourly segments for each day
  • weekly record for average temperature and humidity for each hour
  • temperature calibration option
  • loss of power detection with schedule compensation
  • 120 L chamber,
  • 1320 mm tall, 580 mm wide and 800 mm deep
  • 7 inch interface touch-display

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