Reverse osmosis filter with three-stage prefiltration and final filtration with carbon cartridge. Molecular prefilters are proven classical filter cartridges housed in double-sealed casings to provide the best possible protection against leakage.

  • the most economical model of high quality filters
  • can be used for drinking water and technical use
  • FIR (getting thanks to bioceramic cartridge) rays activate
  • metabolism, eliminate negative ions, bringing about natural curing
  • and immunity-increasing abilities
Dimensions 400x360x150 mm
Operating temperature 2-38 C
Operating pressure 2,2-6,0 Bar
Maximum TDS 1500 ppm
Feed water pH limits 2-11
Maximum chlorine concentration 0,3 ppm
Salt rejection 95%
Capacity 75 GPD or 284 Liters
Storage tank volume 12 liters

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