OUR Mission

Our mission is very clear - provide best and fully tested solutions for our costumers.

We arranged best software, electrical, mechanical, biochemical and chemical engineers, pharmacist, and other profiles of engineers to struggle with mainstream problems and products in laboratory world. Inotek Solutions is a distributor for laboratory equipment in Macedonian market. We have agreements and sales certificates of a lot of foreign companies to have fully portfolio in our offers. We are focused for complete lab solutions and took responsibility for services. As a result of our hard work we are on list of developers in Met One instruments.

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OUR Vision

Inotek solution is Macedonian company for development different kind of technologies.

Main focus of the company is development of prototypes for biological, chemistry and medical sciences machines. Our software engineers are developing programs for lab managing, remote instrument controls, software for guiding processes. As a startup company we had succeed to develop software and hardware solutions for Met One instruments ES642 for remote data sending via mobile network.

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