Each laboratory incubators provide this important feature that gives the comfort of working with microbiological cultures, cell cultures and tissue cultures with special conditions regulating viable growth factors such as temperature and  humidity. This is the ultimate equipment for the growing and storing bacterial cultures. Many incubators include a programmable timer which may be set to cycle through different temperatures and humidity levels. The new INOINCOBAT Incubator series provides the highest level of temperature control with uniformity and stability levels that are unmatched by competitive models in the same class.

Volume:                                             25 to 300l
Temperature range:                       Ambient +5°C…+80°C
Temperature accuracy:               ± 0.25°C (37°C)
Temperature uniformity:           +5°C…+80°C
Temperature seting:                    0.1°C
Timer:                                                1min.  to 99h
Chamber material:                       Stainless steel AISI
Electrical:                                         220v, 50Hz
Dimensions: Customer specified
Models:                                             Single / Duble  doors


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