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Dry Owen

Universally applicable lab oven used for temperature control in research, science and material tests in the industry. (more…)
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Reverse osmosis filter with three-stage prefiltration and final filtration with carbon cartridge. Molecular prefilters are proven classical filter cartridges housed in double-sealed casings to provide the best possible protection against leakage. (more…)
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For the preparation of PCR reactions and many other methods in molecular biology, a contamination-free working environment is required. The UVC/PCR-NB200 Workstation is designed for DNA/RNA decontamination in the Laboratory working place. (more…)
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Dry heat sterilization eliminates, removes, kills or deactivates all forms of life and other biological agents (such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms and prions) by raising the temperature of an item to above 160°C (320°F). Heated air or steam can be used in this process. Our lab sterilizers are ideal for laboratory and pharmaceutical…
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Hype ASM

Our technology is able to very quietly produce a large dense cloud of droplets the size of 1-5 microns which we call dry fog. The small size of the drops allows the aerosolized disinfectant to retain the chemical properties of its liquid source, but also to act "like a gas". Due to its "gas-like" nature,…
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A laminar flow cabinet is an enclosed workbench which is used to create a contamination free work environment through installed HEPA filters that capture all the particles entering the cabinet.A laminar flow hood is used for work with substances which are not hazardous for the personnel health. (more…)
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DUOIGNIS/UNOIGNIS 400C Hot plates are laboratory tools used to uniformly heat samples.Hot plates are available with a number of different heating top styles. The most common types include those constructed from aluminum, ceramic materials or enamel. (more…)
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A phytotron (or growth chamber) is a machine used for the study and research of plants. It is designed to regulate the temperature and humidity of the internal chamber and provide various levels of illumination. (more…)
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INOBATH, 15L & 30L Designed for chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and biological routine laboratory use and as well as for research purpose. (more…)
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InoStill distillers are an excellent solution for a variety of industrial needs from rinsing to cooling, reducing downtime and often increasing machine life. These distillers are available in larger and smaller systems and can be customized to fit specific needs. (more…)
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INOCLAVE 125L Designed with a rectangular chamber and vertical sliding door, InoClave 125 L models offer maximum loading efficiency with a high level of standard features. Operated via a 7″ touchscreen interface, InoClave autoclaves are easy to use and offer unrivalled versatility. The InoClave 125 L can operate using either a steam generator beneath the…
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Each laboratory incubators provide this important feature that gives the comfort of working with microbiological cultures, cell cultures and tissue cultures with special conditions regulating viable growth factors such as temperature and  humidity. This is the ultimate equipment for the growing and storing bacterial cultures. Many incubators include a programmable timer which may be set…
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Laboratory Fume Hoods

Fume hood Airbender Inotek Solutions Airbender fume hoods for general use can be used universally in the laboratory. A laboratory fume hood is a type of ventilation system that primarily functions to provide personnel protection against toxic fumes, vapors and dust. Its secondary function includes protection against chemical spills, runaway reactions and fires by acting…
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Project funded by Fund for Innovations and Technological Development   Hype ASM
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